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📌May 2nd, 2024 Language & Cultural Exchange Program (Session 2)

The Language & Cultural Exchange Program aims to provide native students who are learning English and international students who are learning Mandarin with opportunities for goal-setting and cultural exchange, thereby fostering friendships.

Students from the "Intercultural Communication" taught by Loren and "English Fiction and Film" taught by Bojan, as well as students from the "Mandarin Communication for Campus Life and Socializing" taught by Fongpei and "Basic Oral Chinese" taught by Jye Lee, gathered together for language and cultural exchange activities. Through conversation, they gained insights into each other's language and culture, achieving effective cultural understanding and communication.

🔸Date & Time: May 2nd, 2024 (Thur.) 12:20~13:10

🔸Venue: IB-1F Section A





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