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English Placement Test

The English Placement Test is conducted annually just before the Freshmen's enrollment. The results of this exam determine the placement of students in various English courses.

If a new freshman's English proficiency level meets or exceeds the B1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), they have the option to apply for an exemption from taking the placement exam. This application should be submitted within the specified period mentioned in the Language Center's announcement, which typically falls within the first two weeks after the start of the semester or the two weeks preceding the final exams. Late applications will not be accepted.

Students who do not participate in the placement exam or fail to apply for an exemption within the designated timeframe and are not approved for exemption will not be eligible to request an exemption from English courses.

The relevant application dates and exam times for each semester will be published in the Language Center's official website under the latest news section.