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Course Waiver

  1. Students based on their English Placement Test results or successful exemption applications, are eligible to claim exemptions, waivers, or enroll in English courses. To apply for exemptions and waivers for the Freshman English courses, students must complete the application within two weeks from the start of the academic year.

  2. Students who have already been granted exemptions or waivers or have successfully completed the Freshman English courses can apply for exemptions in English elective courses by providing their English proficiency test scores. This application period typically falls within two weeks after the start of each semester or the two weeks preceding the final exam period. Detailed information regarding course exemptions can be found in the "Regulations on English Competency Requirements" under the "Regulations" section on the Language Center's official website.

  3. Application periods for course exemptions and English Proficiency Test Waiver will be announced each semester on the Language Center's official website under the latest news section. The processing time for applications is approximately two weeks after the submission deadline, and the exemption list will be forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs


The relevant application deadlines and examination schedules will be announced on the Language Center's official website for each semester.