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The Language Center of NTUST was established on August 1, 2013. The Center's mission includes offering mandatory basic English courses, advanced elective English courses, other Foreign language courses, and Chinese-related classes for international students. The main goals of the Language Center are to follow the trends of the internationalization of higher education, to strengthen students’ communication skills in English and other foreign languages, and to broaden students’ cultural knowledge associated with those languages, in order to cultivate students into global citizens with international vision, and to improve students’ mobility in the world. The working structure of the Center has two major branches, the division of teaching and the division of administration.



The division of teaching is responsible for English course offerings (or other foreign languages) and international students’ Chinese language curriculum. These include providing students appropriate and diversified learning environments, so that students can take suitable courses according to their needs. In the English-related curriculum, the goal is to help students build their solid skills in daily life English, academic English and English for specific purposes. Hopefully, after the training, students will be able to communicate effectively with other people in English in all contexts. As to the Chinese language curriculum, it includes basic and advanced Chinese courses for international students to select, with the goal to improve international students’ communication skills in Chinese, and enrich their understanding of Chinese society and culture as well.



The division of administration is responsible for self-learning curriculum, after-school tutoring, and remedial teaching. The goal is to develop diversified self-learning curriculum, to guide students from passive learning to motivated active learning, and finally, to promote students’ learning effectiveness. For those students with special needs or who are lagging in their learning pace, the division provides individualized or small group after school help sessions to fill these gaps in learning. Thus, these students can recapture their confidence in learning English or other languages.





 Name   Term in Office
 Dr. Su-chiao Chen (Founding Director)             2013.08 ─ 2021.01
 Dr. Yi-Hsuan Gloria Lo   2021.02 ─ 2021.07
 Dr. Shao-Ting Alan Hung   2021.08 ─ Now