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English Proficiency Test Waiver

All students are required to pass the "English Proficiency Test" (0 credits) during their academic tenure to be eligible for graduation. Students should apply for this test after matriculation but before the end of the first semester of their senior year. The application period is approximately within two weeks after the start of each semester or two weeks into the Final Exam week at the end of the semester.

Students who have achieved a score of at least CEFR B1 level in English proficiency test on a recognized exam may apply for registration for the "English Proficiency Test" by providing the relevant score certificate to the Language Center. They must pass the test after it undergoes an evaluation process.

Students who have not achieved at least a CEFR B1 level in English proficiency test must complete the "English Proficiency Requirement" course (2 credits) and obtain a passing grade to be eligible for graduation. Those who do not provide a recognized English proficiency score certificate are not permitted to enroll in the "English Proficiency Requirement" course.

Please note that the relevant application dates and exam times will be announced on the Language Center's official website each semester.